I feel whimpery, which is like feeling whiney, only less emotional and more pathetic.

I spend the day nursing the headache from hell. Less than a full-blown migraine, more than a conventional headache, but finally, around nine PM the queasiness from the last three days dissipated. Head still hurts though, and I’m incredibly tired. Like, narcoleptically.

The other week at dinner we were talking about bananas as a cure for headaches (I knew they helped cramps but not headaches), and W mentioned that they’re also the best food to eat when you need to eat something but feel queasy (or as he put it, ‘best throwing up food’), not in terms of stomach cushioning, but because they taste the same going down as coming up. I can now report that he was right.

You really wanted to know that, didn’t you?

Caught the pilot of Heroes tonight. Got the biggest kick out of the Japanese guys constantly referencing Star Trek. I think the show has potential. At least, I enjoyed it despite the headache.

Am now forcing down mint tea and water before returning to sleep.
Oh, and half-watching The Princess Diaries on DVD.

One thought on “Whimpery

  1. I’m sorry you’re feeling bad, Melissa. I have lots of problems with sinus headaches too–and they often trigger migraines in me.

    I also saw Heroes last night, Melissa but I wasn’t very impressed. I like the concept but I think they develop the plot too slowly. With better treatment I think this could be a very good show but it needs that better treatment quickly!

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