Vague title, but it’s the best I can do tonight.

Just sent off articles number 3& 4 of the first five I was sent for a freelancing gig. Have one more to do, but my eyes are gluey and I didn’t sleep last night, and it’s just going to have to wait til early in the morning. Actually, they feel like they did when I still wore contacts and had conjunctivities. Antihistamine and preservative-free eye drops are helping.

Did not talk like a pirate today, as only conversations were with people buying property in Mexico. Was handed a million dollar deal. Commission will be about $10k if it closes. Please let this client not have extensive tax returns like the last one.

Yelled at TiVo for not having the new Time Warner lineup already synchronized. They claim it’ll be 3-5 days before they upgrade, which renders TiVo useless during premier week, as our channels are all moved around. Must remember to watch Project Runway in real time tomorrow as Bravo is an affected channel. Very frustrating. I mean, TWC has only been reminding ppl about the change for a month.

I barely slept last night. I think I turned out my reading light around four, and then Fuzzy woke me at eight-thirty, getting ready.

I’ve been having dreams that we live on an island. Or the shore. Near a lighthouse. I wish we did.

Bed now.