Things I Didn’t Write About

I’ve been feeling sort of mute lately – reaction to being molested by mosquitoes, reaction to the slow but tangible change in the weather – even when it’s 90 there’s a hint of autumn beneath the heat now.

I didn’t write about 9/11 – but then I never have – because there are far more eloquent tributes written by others, and because I don’t like to dwell on the maudlin, and because I believe that filling the media with stories about it only lends power to those that caused it. Which isn’t to say that we shouldn’t remember, I just don’t believe it needs to be so public. I think what Rana and Carmi said are better than anything I could say, anyway.

I didn’t write about the 40th anniversary of Star Trek, because I forgot, and then because I didn’t have anything punchy to say. (I did, however, almost buy some TNG action figures at LoneStar the other day, but they didn’t have Data or Geordi, so I opted not to.) If you want to read a great TrekDay post, head to Wil Wheaton’s blog – the first two lines are the best.

I didn’t write about Cleo’s new habit of bringing in water bugs (known as cockroaches in less gracious parts of the world) and depositing them ON MY BED. And I didn’t write about the way she barrelled through the argiope’s web, causing me to be worried…about the SPIDER.

I didn’t write about the fact that I’m itching to bake, and have no one to bake for.
And I didn’t write about the customer service at Chase being the worst on earth.
And I certainly didn’t mention that I posted my first entry for fanfic 100 at LiveJournal, and that I’ll consider posting it to if people want to read it.

There are lots of other things I didn’t write about, too. But those were the key elements.