So, what happened was…

I’ve been pretty much offline since late late Thursday as I’ve been feeling crabby and vaguely nauseous, and why yes, it IS about time for a visit from a certain aunt who isn’t an aunt, thanks. Chocolate and bananas seem to be helping in small doses. I’m suddenly craving puffy Cheetoh’s though, and that’s not a food I generally like to indulge in. Food just shouldn’t BE that color orange.

Friday I slept a lot, feeling too queasy to be upright most of the day, and since Fuzzy was working from home, it seemed to work. I paused to make canned ravioli for his lunch, and had a tiny bit myself, which was not wise. At the last minute I decided I wanted to go help out at Comedy Sportz even though I felt like crap, and so I went, but Fuzzy didn’t stay, opting to go to his office and work on the crisis that had kept him in the house all day. I wore my spiffy purple and green plaid iridescent velvet bebop cap and worked bar, and made $3 in tips, which seems like nothing, except we don’t generally get tips at all. Coincidentally, the parking garage fee, after validation, is $3. The show was low energy, though. It was weird, actually, because J. opened the door for Fuzzy and me and was happy and singing hello, and then something seemed to suck the life out of the theatre. Everyone on stage was technically proficient, but they, the audience, and the sound booth personnel were all really subdued. Notes were brutal, and people essentially FLED afterwards, though a few of us hung out in the parking garage and chatted for a while.

Saturday, slept til ten, noodled on the computer, read, napped more, went to Panera for crispani and soup, then to PetCo and then to CSz, where I got to play. I felt queasy, still, and a little off-kilter, and made stupid mistakes, but had fun. It wasn’t MY greatest show, but it was a good show, I think. We all had fun. There was a little kid in the audience celebrating his birthday, and he and his friends suggested “Virgil” for everything: two syllable female name, dead celebrity, object to be used in lieu of clothing. By the time we got to STORY in the second half even the audience was sick of Virgil, so when an adult yelled “Virgil’s Not Here” as a snarky response to the kids, that WAS the story, and BigE killed Virgil in the first round. Defiantly. Demonstratively. Earlier in the match, I played “Blind Musical Comedy” for the first time, and while I’d have been better had I clarified things I didn’t think to clarify, rules-wise, it was fun trying something new. We ran long though and when E. called me at 10:30 to find out where we were eating, we were still in Notes. There’s a core group of us who go to dinner most nights after shows, and while it was a smaller group than usual last night, it was fun.

Today, we were up at dawn for church (choir rehearsal at 8:30 when you didn’t get to bed til 2:00 is really really difficult), and elected not to say for the luncheon – I was feeling too crabby and tired to be nice to people – we came home and rested a bit, and then went out to Cracker Barrell for completely unhealthy food (eggs, bacon, cheesy hash browns, and waffles), then to Barnes and Noble, where I bought the cd version of “Free to Be You and Me,” just because I loved it when I was a child, and was tickled that it was out.

Back home after that, for more rest, and then to workshop, where I spent the entire warmup hoping no one would make me HOP during Bippity Bippity BOP, and trying not to puke. I didn’t start feeling better til about fifteen minutes before the end, but I had fun, even so. We workshopped Good, Bad, Worse, and I tried a new character, who needs refining, and then Irish Drinking Song, which was So. Much. Fun. But then, I always love the musical games.

Dinner after that was chaotic and fun, as many of us trouped over to Spaghetti Warehouse, place of many leftovers. The conversation included comparisons of the Georgian, Chinese, and Jewish calendars, new tv shows (many of us are curious about Heroes), Grand Unification Theory, and Intelligent Design, among other tangents. I love this eclectic and intelligent group of people.

And now? I am home. I have an infected ingrown toenail I’m medicating, and I’m still a bit queasy, but I’m glad I forced myself to go do stuff, because it was a good distraction and I learned from it. Bed soon.

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