Weekend Wrapups are Becoming Habitual

It’s become a habit that I recap the weekend on Monday. So here I go.

Friday night: Played with ComedySportz. I was nervous to the point of nauseousness before the match, not because I’m afraid of being on stage, but because I was playing with some of the troupe dinos, and I’m still a tiny bit star-struck about working with them, and was afraid I’d be an obvious weak link. I skipped coffee and had a coke backstage. J and I had a belching contest. She won. My belches are dainty and shy. But effective.
Nausea gone, I was now jittery with anticipation, and concern. One of the scheduled playerz TC, from my audition group, called in sick, and the audience was going to be small. We were now playing 2-on-2 with a DJ (designated jokester) instead of 3-on-3. My team captain was late enough that our director almost replaced him, but he showed in the nick of time. Warmups were unfocussed, too much giggling. It was almost time to start before we picked games.

But Captain BigE is cool about letting people try new stuff, so we played Pillars (though we use two volunteers) and Pick-a-Play (aka Playbook and Actor’s Nightmare) though, again, we have two players reading from plays chosen by the audience, and one is neutral. (We were the red team, btw, and I’ve noticed I play better when I’m in red.) I’d seen both, but never played either and had mega-fun.

Blue played Blind Line, which is a variation of Bucket in which the lines are scattered about the field, and Good, Bad, Worse, which is our version of The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Advice.

After half time we also played Chain Murder, which I messed up, but R. was kind to me in notes anyway. It was fun, and we used it to exact a little revenge on a regular audience member who frequently offers difficult and complicated suggestions. He had fun too, so it was all good. Went to Hofbrau with troupemates for a fun and boisterous dinner.

Saturday: We went on a mission to buy dog food. I’m switching Miss Cleo back to kibble (health food dental care kibble, mind you) because she’s not chewing her food, and we made kissy faces at the puppies, bunnies, and ferrets while we were at the pet store. We also wandered around Arlington, checking out some coffee places as potential write-in places for NaNoWriMo, and just exploring. We had lunch at a tiny French bakery cafe with a charming French owner who flirted with me while Fuzzy was in the bathroom. I’m such a sucker for men with accents.
Worked bar with D2 at CSz, which was insane because we had 30 kids from 2 church youth groups in the audience, and they kept buying soda and candy – cuz what’s better than 30 teenagers hopped up on sugar? The fridge was blinky (I investigated and determined that yes, the compressor is dying, but the bigger problem was that it was set to ‘1.’ After I set it to ‘max’ it started cooling stuff.) so we had a bin of ice that we chilled the sodas in. Messy, drippy, and still effective. It was a good show, and BigE was great on sound.

Sunday: Woke up at five itching and allergic and took an antihistamine which caused me to sleep through both alarms. We missed church and choir practice, woke around one, puttered around the house, and finally wandered over to workshop after getting food for Zorro Dog and coffee for me. Had dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse with the troupe. Stayed til they closed. Came home, analyzed tax returns as a favor to my mother (for one of her clients), but am missing page one of schedule E for BOTH YEARS, and then sleep called, but I had a fitful night, and ended up reading fanfic on my laptop in bed for several hours.

Am groggy now, and may doze for a bit. Have much correspondence to catch up on, today.
And writing. Must write.