Mel-Babble, Part II, A New Beginning, Again

– The problem with working from home is that I watch too much tv, and while I can write some of this off as “research on pop culture” the truth is that I like it for background noise, sometimes.

– And speaking of television, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is my new favorite show. I knew I liked the character of Josh in The West Wing, but apparently I like Bradley Whitford in a lot of projects, and Aaron Sorkin’s writing, while extremely similar to early TWW is quick and sharp, staccato rhythms that feel like verbal tap dancing, and I respond well to that sort of thing.

– Fuzzy didn’t get home til eleven. He ate while I was folding laundry, and then we did pre-cleaning for the maids (because yeah, it’s important to clean your house before the cleaners come. I’m so channeling my Italian grandmother on days like this), and then some sweet together-time, after which I took a shower because I knew I wouldn’t have time this morning, as blogging from bed is oh, so much more important than personal hygiene.

– I finished my shower around 1:10, but had been bitten by a Story Bug while rinsing Aveda cherry almond bark conditioner from my hair with tepid water (makes it shine more), and stayed up til 2:30 writing in the dark bedroom while Fuzzy and the dogs slept next to me.

– I had been reading one of my favorite blogs Swim at Your Own Risk, and my dreams were as sharky as the Pacific in October. Steve Irwin was there too, but I woke before he finished wrestling the great white.

– Morning comes way too soon sometimes.

5 thoughts on “Mel-Babble, Part II, A New Beginning, Again

  1. You might want to check out Heroes if you haven’t already. Another truely excellent show on NBC (and right before Studio 60 in the lineup)

  2. Hi there,
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you return often :)

    That sounds like a really cool dream, and it included Steve Irwin! I just hate that he was taken from us.

    I’m going to poke around some and I shall return! :)

  3. I like TV for background noise, too. Especially when cooking and sometimes when writing. A movie I’ve seen a million times is somehow just works in both instances better for me than music.

    I wonder if that comes from having a dad who always had the TV on. Hmmm.

    Also, I totally get the cleaning before the maid comes thing. We do that, too. You’ve got to de-clutter so things can be cleaned! :-)

  4. Did you watch that Football TV show last night on NBC, Melissa? It’s supposed to be very good but I didn’t like it very much. Given the huge emphasis on HS football in Texas you might have a better perspective. Personally, I think Studio 60 is the best new show also.

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