Rob Brezsny is my Higher Power

Well, actually, he’s really not. And in truth, I don’t believe in horoscopes, as much as I find them amusing to consider, and fun to play with.

Sometimes though, horoscopes offer timely advice, or cautionary wisdom. The italicized stuff below is exactly what I needed to hear today. (Thanks to Clay for posting his ‘scope and thus reminding me that Brezsny existed.)

You’ve been given a prophetic glimpse of the great victory that’s possible. You’re very close to neutralizing an old bugaboo and making sure that the past will no longer hold you back. Now comes the hardest part: Will you be able to sustain your concentration until the triumphs are actually accomplished? Or will you be lulled into lazy complacency by the sense of security that your partial breakthroughs have provided? Personally, I believe you will summon the dogged ingenuity necessary to finish the job; you will turn almost into completely.

One thought on “Rob Brezsny is my Higher Power

  1. Horoscopes are fun as you say and sometimes the advice is sound, this one is downright uplifting!

    I loved the piece you wrote about the hailstorm too. We are having an incredible downpour right now. Rain, not hail though.

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