Headphones, Earphones, HELP!

A couple of months ago, I bought an mp3 player. It’s a Creative Zen Micro, and I love the machine itself, especially in combination with Napster-to-Go, but I detest the earbuds-on-sticks that Creative supplied with it. Oh, they’re light, and they sound good, and they match the machine (hey, I’m a girl, the matching part is important), but they’re not very comfortable.

I spent ten dollars on blue Sony over-the-ear headphones, and while those don’t hurt my ears the way the earbuds do (and this is true of ALL earbuds, not just Creative’s), I have this issue with only ONE ever fitting correctly, so I don’t get very good sound. Apparently, I have abnormal ears, except that it’s never the SAME ear that has an issue twice in a row.

So, this is a plea. Tell me what you use to listen to YOUR portable music. Suggest an alternative to earbuds, that will still give me decent sound. PLEASE.