Ok, break’s over.

I’ve taken a lot of small breaks from blogging, and from writing at all, over the last month.

As of today, the break is over. And the goal is to update this daily, the other blog at least weekly, and the book blog as I finish each book, rather than when I remember, so that I don’t end up posting seventeen books in one day.

* * * * *

In other news, confirmation was beautiful and powerful, but I don’t have words for it yet, specific words I mean, and even when I do, they’ll be posted elsewhere.

I ended up wearing my alternative outfit though, because the slits in the skirt flashed a bit too much thigh when kneeling.

And then, last night (Sunday night)was our last meeting (a wrapup meeting of the class), which was anti-climactic, and I find myself missing the discussion already, even though I am sort of glad to have Sunday evenings back.

* * * * *

I’m sitting here on my freshly-laundered nautical bedspread, contemplating a shower at three AM, even though I’m tired, because I’ve spent the entire evening doing laundry, and I feel like my hands are coated with chemicals from the dryer sheets and stuff. Also, it was sheet changing day, and it seems a crime to slip into clean crisp cotton sheets without being equally clean. (Yes, I’m weird that way).

* * * * *

I am hereby requesting everyone who reads this to nag me about finishing the piece I want to submit to All Things Girl, and about submitting a short story to Kelley Armstrong’s contest. Please? Apparently I really need some level of accountability.