Back Home Again

I changed my default phone number in LiveJournal’s phone-post setup, and finished setting up AudioBlog for this site, in preparation for today’s little adventure, but did I use either one? No.

Fuzzy and I spent the day trekking half way across Texas, and back, to help a guy named Tank get home. Tank’s a one-year-old Rottweiller who’s been in foster-care here in the DFW area for a month (he was in a shelter before that), but he’s been adopted by a woman who lives in Alambama, and we were part of the group of volunteers that got him there.

Pet transports aren’t new to me, though this is the first one I’ve done in Texas. And Tank is a very sweet dog, but he was large – 97 pounds – and I’d forgotten how much Rotties drool. Sometimes I think they perceive all humans as napkins with hands.

In any case, our original leg of Tank’s transport was supposed to be from Dallas to Tyler, which is about 95 miles. NOt a bad way to spend a spring afternoon, really, especially since LadyBird Johnson’s legacy of wildflowers makes itself known in every highway median in the state. I mean, I am still dazzled by the amount of forested greenspace there is here, as I expected all of Texas to be indistinguishable from…oh, I don’t know…Nevada, or the Mohave Desert. Scrub and cactus.

But anyway…the woman who was supposed to take over at Tyler fell and broke her ankle this morning, which must be pretty painful as even just spraining an ankle turns me into a sobbing mess, so we said, “Ok, we’ll drive all the way to Shreveport.”

It’s still not a bad drive. 185 miles through lush greenery, past a camel farm, lots of horses and cows, and a place where they sell – and I am not making this up – Lavender tractors. I had to wonder if this color choice was in response to pink razors aimed at woman, and if the marketing was something like, “Lady CAT, for the woman who loves the purr of machinery.”

Anyway, we left 40 minutes late because Tank was still being groomed at 3:15, and then his foster human wanted pictures taken – which is fine, but we were already late. Then, outside of Tyler – *just* outside of Tyler, there was an accident that stopped traffic on I-20, and it took us forty minutes to get to the exit for 271 so that we could go around the accident, and loop back to I-20.

We ended up being almost an hour late to the rendezvous point, but the woman who has Tank overnight was late also, and only had to wait about 20 minutes.

I hate being late.

So we transferred the dog, had dinner, and headed home, and I’m now practically comatose but felt guilty about not blogging.

I’m sitting here in bed, about to turn out the light, appreciating the fact that I have tiny, spry dogs, who don’t have to be lifted into the back of the car, and weigh nothing, so that even if I had to lift them, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

Because, yeah, Tank had never seen an SUV before, and didn’t know how to jump into the back.