Story Help?

Something about the clock flipping to a new hour, a new day, has me fiddling with a story in my head. I have images of the ocean, fog, the sound of foghorns the searching light of an old-style lighthouse light (I know the word for the lense I mean, but I can’t recall it this second).

Once, I heard some myth about mixing your blood to the sea and being tied to it thereafter. Or I think I did. If ANYONE knows ANYTHING like this, please point me toward it. The notion is integral to the tale I want to spin.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: This is loosely related to something I mused about in November, but not really. That story was never written. I need to focus more. Or be accountable to someone.

Earphones (The Sequel)

Thanks to all of the folks who suggested different sorts of headphones and earphones, especially Rana, who even manages to out-geek me, when it comes to cool electronic toys.

Ultimately, I went with an updated version of one of her suggestions – these: Sony Fontopia MDR-EX71SL/WK, which are even white, and therefore match my Zen Micro.

They’re super comfortable, and really light, and even when I’m boogying around the house, they stay in my ears.

Also, the meter-long extension cable is great for when we plug the Zen into the cassette converter to play it through the car speakers – it gives me enough length to hold the player and control it, without having taut cords everywhere.