I made turkey burgers with teriyaki sauce and pineapple for dinner tonight, because I’m sick to death of beef, and wanted something relatively easy and relatively healthy. We had them on lovely whole wheat onion rolls, and with a crisp caesar salad, and we ate while watching Gilmore Girls, which I love and Fuzzy tolerates if I bribe him with dinner.

I love pineapple. I love the sweet tart taste, and the sunny yellow color, and the tanginess of the juice. I love the way it turns up in the oddest recipes – in some carrot cake, for example, or in chutneys.

Fuzzy loves pineapple, too, and, in fact, loves it so much that I find myself picking the pineapple out of the fruit salad I always order instead of chips on our almost weekly post-Church trip to Panera, and giving them to him.

Yeah, I love him more than pineapple.