I’ve felt one step behind all day today.

It began with the dogs waking up at six this morning to demand a bathroom break. I don’t know what’s happened to the cute animals who used to sleep through the night without a problem, but they’ve been replaced by pod puppies who are whiny and demanding. Unfortunately, ignoring them is not possible, as the bedroom has light-colored carpetting.

Then, we missed the 7:30 alarm, and didn’t get out of bed til I woke on my own at 7:49. Twenty minutes makes a huge difference in morning prep-time, and we were late to our first Sunday of being part of the choir at church. I hate being late. Especially on the first day of something. I had time to grab water to bring along, but Starbucks was out (time) and I woke too late to make pre-church coffee at home. (One of the women in my confirmation class and I have decided that coffee is medicinal, and therefore does not count as “eating” before Communion.)

Then there’s the fact that I’m not a true alto, so really really low notes are difficult for me. I’m more of a lyric mezzo, which is a lighter voice. I don’t have the upper range of a true soprano – I can hit high E comfortably, and high F when I’m really warmed up. I chose to be an alto this morning, because we were late and I didn’t want to push myself without a warmup, but now I’m thinking I should switch, if only to prove that the top line does NOT have to be sung shrilly. (I hate shrill oversung sopranos).

None of the music was difficult. Some was quite pretty, but we’re singing a long Gloria in Excelcis as part of the service (the entire congregation), and the hymnal page number is never listed beside it (probably because it’s done every day from Easter until the return of Ordinary Time, and most people know it), but when you haven’t grown up singing it, it’s hard to catch up. You would think that sitting two inches from the organ would help, but there’s no clear melody line in the keyboard part.

Also the woman sitting next to me kept switching between singing the Soprano and Alto parts, sometimes within the same song. Her very pretty Mediterranean Blue and Lime Green sweater did not make up for this. Not at all. She does have a nice voice though.

By the end of church it was 11:30 and I still hadn’t had coffee. We went directly to Cracker Barrel, because I was craving French Toast, and I can’t abide IHOP. Serious coffee drinkers will understand why the term “restaurant coffee” is one of the scariest I can ever hear. But the French Toast was lovely, and the bacon was delicious. It’s been so long since I’ve eaten either of those things. Worth every sip of the scary coffee.

It’s now a bit after 10, and I’m sitting in bed, with dogs sprawled beside me. We all just got back in from the back yard, where they did their doggy things, and I watched a spotted gecko climb the living room screen. Poor little thing is missing a foot.

I’ve felt a step behind all day, and so I’m going to get a jump on the morning by signing off early, and getting some sleep.

And tomorrow?
The first thing I’m going to do is have a decent cup of coffee.

2 thoughts on “Decaffeinated

  1. When I read the title “Decaffeinated”, I automatically went “Uh oh…”

    But it turns out you managed well throughout the day and made some lovely music.

    May the dogs be more serene tomorrow morning…


  2. Amen to the good cup o’ joe in the a.m. I don’t need it, but my day is so much more viable after a good cup of coffee. And Gloria In Excelcis is one of my FAVORITE songs, let alone hymns. Inspiring, always played around Christmas in excess.

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