Change is Good (Tattoo Envy)

People who read this page directly, and not via RSS, will note that I’ve changed templates again.

My fickle relationship with my blog templates should serve as all the explanation ever needed, as to why I’ve never gotten a tattoo. It’s not that I don’t want to – I find the notion intriguing, actually – and it’s not that I’m squeamish. It’s that someone who can’t even commit to a hair color or blog layout has no business making a permanent alteration to their body.

At least, not an alteration that isn’t easily reversible.

The thing is, though, I have tattoo envy. Many of my friends have such cool ink, amazing body art. Even one of the women at church – who shocked us all when she shared that she did her OWN extensive tattooing – has some lovely designs on her skin.

And me? Well, the stick-on tattoos from accessory stores are all that I can commit to. You know, the kind that are reminiscent of the surprises that used to come in Cracker Jack boxes? Tiny, and water soluble.

I have to admit though, this aversion to committing to ink is pretty funny when you consider that I added secondary piercings to my ears one night in the bathroom, with a needle and an ice cube, when I was sixteen.

See, I told you I was fickle.

Anyway, the new design features another sunflower, which I love, and was created by the talented Karysma. I’ve checked it in IE and Firefox. No promises in anything else.

6 thoughts on “Change is Good (Tattoo Envy)

  1. Your fickle relationship with your blog templates reminds me a lot of my relationship with my room growing up. has helped me deal with most of my problems…. It’s just what the doctor ordered!

  2. Hi MissMeliss, thanks for dropping by to visit me. I don’t come over often enough either, but when I do I can be sure that I will have lots of entertaining reading to do.

    I love this new template!

  3. You are just like me then! :)

    I do like this a lot more than the last one! Am completely crazy about the fonts and colors – great job Karysma!

  4. I like the look. Of course, you’re talking to someone who’s spending her Saturday playing evil tricks against bad web robots and giving herself a Lush hair treament (mmm Marilyn) at the same time. I’ve been wishy-washy about HIGHLIGHTING my hair, much less dying it, and yet, I have a tattoo right on my right shoulderblade. I’ve liked it for going on 5 years now and I just want another. :)

  5. I’m pretty much the same where ink is concerned.
    Can’t decide what I want.
    Whilst I was working at Toyota I got one of the Japanese girls to translate a poem for me, it looks cool as hell but I’m not sure I can trust her, for all I know it reads “John’s a jackass”.
    Maybe one day ;)

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