Triptych Part III – The Night Sewists

sewing room

Brief: Write part three of a trilogy of plays.


SOPHIE:                     Anyway, people were in pain. And drab, boring clothing that looked like everyone else was how people expressed their pain. Eventually the OneWorld government was voted into power, but we still lived with severe austerity measures.

LIZZIE:                      Austerity?

SOPHIE:                     It means we learned to live with only the most basic needs.

LIZZIE:                      That’s sad.

SOPHIE:                     I agree. But… it wasn’t like that forever. By 2031, we had the Night Sewists.

LIZZIE:                      Knights who sew?

SOPHIE:                     (chuckling) No, not knights in armor, night like nighttime. The Night Sewists were a group of women who had grown up doing handicrafts  – sewing clothing, doing embroidery, making quilts… all sorts of things you could do with a needle and thread and fabric.

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013 – Triptych III – The Night Sewists