Tennis Ball Rhapsody



Brief: Write the libretto for an opera.

Notes: This was meant for the day 8 prompt, but after trying to adapt two different episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and realizing it was taking more time than I can give, I posted two out-of-order, scrapped everything, and went back to this today. Thanks to my friend Fran for the inspiration. And to (counterclockwise from the top right) Teddy, Perry, Max, and Piper for being my loyal, if drooly, companions.


TEDDY:                     No one knows what it’s like

Being feared and hated

Knowing death is fated


ALL:                            Behind steel bars.


PIPER:                        But we dream

Of love and cuddles

And fur-ever families…

Follow the link below to read the entire play.

008 – Tennis Ball Rhapsody