World Enough… and Goats

Baaasil Rathhorn


Brief: Use a suggested first and last line and write any play you like.

Notes: Inspired by the Hairy Farmpit Girls on Facebook.


JESSICA:                     I called Jeb from down the road to come fix the door.


MARGIE:                    Good. He’s always offering to help.


JESSICA:                     Because he thinks the idea of lesbian goat farmers is hot.


MARGIE:                    He’s not wrong.


JESSICA:                     Marg!


MARGIE:                    Well, he’s not. Have you seen us? Hay in our hair, goat spunk on our clothes, many layers of sticky grossness on our shoes… Really, what could be hotter?


Follow the link below to read the entire play.

017 – World Enough and Goatsw