Scenes from a High School Cafeteria


Brief & Notes: This was meant to be the “rules” challenge, but one of the reasons I switched to the untimed track is that I don’t have the energy for long pieces right now. So consider this the one-act version.


KAI:                Okay, I was pretty. But my life wasn’t. (to Mari) It’s not bad to be new, honey. New kids have the mystique advantage. When people have known you all your life, changing their perceptions is really, really hard.


ANA:               What Kai is trying to say….


KAI:                (cutting her off) What Kai is trying to say is that ninth grade was when I came out. And suddenly my best friend, who had come to sleepovers at my house for years, wouldn’t even talk to me anymore, outside of classes.


ANA:               Dion and his friends… Gardner and Ione, especially… totally gave Kai a snubbing of the kind unseen outside of Amish country.


KAI:                It’s been three years and… ( he breaks off as GARD approaches.)


GARD:            Ladies. Kai. Got a minute?


KAI:                (getting up) Depends. Did you bring cash?


GARD:            I have what you need.


ANA:               Oh, I sincerely doubt that.


GARD:            Really, Ana? (beat) Kai? A minute?

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023 – Scenes from a High School Cafeteria