Aye, Calypso!

Brief: Write a play in which you meet one of your idols.


JACQUES:                  Do you know why these were made without handles?

MELISSA:                   I do. It was so the submarine officers on watch could wrap their hands around them for warmth.

JACQUES:                  Warmth is something we all need when we are at sea.

(he places the mugs on a low table between them, and pours tea from a pot into each)

Do you need milk or sugar?

MELISSA:                   I used to. Not so much anymore.

JACQUES:                  I find I like the bit of astringency that comes with black tea. It’s bracing. Reminds you you’re alive.

Notes:  Some of Jacques’s lines are taken from actual quotations.

Follow the link below to read the entire play.

06 – Aye Calypso!

Jacques Cousteau Statue by Ron Jordan