Triptych Part II – Heart and Soul



Brief:  Write part two of a trilogy of plays.


KATE:                        So, Sophie, are you ready to sew with us tonight?

SOPHIE:                     Sew with you? Um… why would I want to do that? Pass the salt, please?

KATE:                        (passing the salt) Maybe because we have a family tradition of gathering to make a quilt every year, and  you’re old enough to join us?

ELIZA:                        It’s more than tradition.

KATE:                        Mom, you don’t need to put any magical nonsense into Sophie’s head.

SOPHIE:                     No, I want to hear what Gran has to say. (to Eliza) What magical nonsense does she mean?


Follow the link below to read the entire play:

012 – Triptych II – Heart and Soul