So, We’re Going to a Quilt Show

Ms. Eclectic invited us to go along with her as she takes the Divine Ms. R to see a quilt show, which also happens to feature a Civil War Re-enactment Camp. I mentioned the latter to my mother on the phone yesterday, and then added that I’d never experienced such a thing from the perspective of the South. “What do they do,” she wondered. “Change the ending so they win?” We both laughed, but I have to admit that I’m still curious. Still, Ms. E is a history goddess, so it should be interesting to hear what she has to say.

When I told Fuzzy what we were doing, I presented his alternatives: paint the kitchen, install roller shades in the offices, and measure the carpet hallway for new carpet. Is it any wonder that he chose quilts and faux soldiers over that?

Still the kitchen must be painted, and the carpet replaced before May, when my parents are coming for a visit, or I’ll hear about it forever.

The roller shades may have to wait, but I still want them. The vertical blinds don’t give me the option of blocking just the TOP of the window, during the afternoon when the sun is slanting in, and my computer screen becomes unreadable.

As to the quilts, well, I love fiber arts, and I love quilts. I’m looking forward to this.

One thought on “So, We’re Going to a Quilt Show

  1. I’m guessing (from a swift Google) that it’s not the Road 2 California show, which is a shame because a friend of mine has a couple of quilts in that one (which won prizes!)

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