Packages Tied Up with Strings

There were no raindrops or roses in my yard yesterday, though for a while the clouds were teasingly ominous, and technically the package I received in my mailbox was sealed with adhesive, not tied up with a string, but a package is a package, and even though I was in migraine hell, cranky from bad sleep, and suffering from lack of protein (we never got around to grocery shopping on the weekend, and so our refrigerator has yogurt, bottled water, eggs, and assorted condiments, but not much else, and I wasn’t in the mood for eggs) this package made me giggle with joy.

What package?

Why the two t-shirts I ordered from The Robbieverse, the collection of gear (t-shirts, mugs, and the like) which happily sports the playful, whimsical, colorful are of one Rob Wolf, known as “ArchanglRobriel” in LJ environs (and not linked as his LJ is mainly friends-only. Big thanks to Jeremy for introducing us, though).

Not only are these two designs as cool in person as they are on the page, but the t-shirt style chosen is big enough to keep certain female parts comfortable without feeling like they’re bound in mummy-wrappings, but isn’t eighty gazillion feet long, which is an issue with many t-shirts when you’re short and busty.

CafePress is pretty simple to work with, and even though my target arrival date with standard shipping was this Friday, they arrived earlier, and when things are early I’m always delighted.

Especially when it means I get to pimp a friend’s artwork.

Go check out The Robbieverse. Buy stuff. It will make you smile.