I Love to Sit in Cafes on Rainy Days

This rainy day finds me at Barnes and Nobel in Cedar Hill, enjoying a post-facial grilled cheese panini and a white chocolate mocha. Outside, cool rain is falling steadily. In here, there is upbeat music, and a pleasant vibe. Diagonally across the room is a couple with two young children who are sipping not-very-hot chocolate, one is in some kind of scouting troop and is in uniform. The girl, younger, has a pink top and delicate curls.

In front of me is a group of young people, perhaps sixteen, no more than twenty years old. Their conversation is intense, serious, and low-pitched, the way all such conversations are.

I’m not wearing make-up because I just had a facial, but I am wearing a beret to cover the fact that there’s massage oil in my hair.

I can’t decide if I want to write, or shop for books.

I think I’d rather browse.
But not til my mocha is done.

3 thoughts on “I Love to Sit in Cafes on Rainy Days

  1. Its great to just sit and people watch sometimes. I’m sure it add to the fun of writing, through the observation of others. It can also be something of a luxury to be able to go to a cafe, sit, drink coffee and not have anything specific to do. Quite often I’m waiting for someone or just about to go to a meeting, or looking for a wifi signal, so a moment of pure relaxation is just the ticket. And I’m here today via Michele’s, – Greetings!


  2. I spent some quiet time in my favorite cafe today, too, although the sun was shining here and it was actually quite pleasant outside. It was a nice treat- although I would have liked the facial beforehand :)

    (I wonder if you saw my cousin’s daughter who works in a B&N in Cedar Hill???)

  3. What a great day!! A facial and a trip to Barnes and Noble. I love people watching. It inspires me when I’m writing, but I don’t do it enough.
    I’m glad Zorro is doing so well.

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