Back from Vet.

The good news is, Zorro’s lungs are clear. No pneumonia this time.
He does have a slight cold.

Vet was unable to determine if coughing is cold related or heart congestion.

As Zorro is already on an ACE inhibitor (enalapril) we’ve got another ten days of antibiotics, and more cough meds.

If this doesn’t kill the cough, we’ll be putting him back on Lasix.

Still this visit was only $65, and half of that was the enalapril refill.

And he gave kisses to the vet.

And the Starbucks guy (I stopped for a medicinal mocha on the way home) gave me 4 chocolate cupcakes for the price of 2.

Thank you for your good wishes for my little Z-dog. He really is the sweetest creature.

4 thoughts on “Back from Vet.

  1. Not bad for a vet visit. As often as I’ve said that I wish animals could understand medicine, maybe the cat can see cause and effect. She’s not resisting the ear drops like she used to…

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