Thursday 13: 0710.11

Thirteen Things about MISS MELISS
Things that Begin with V

  1. Vagina Monologues: Eve Ensler’s frank episodic play about women and their anatomy.
  2. Vampires: Dark, seductive, mysterious…but not always toothy…the creatures of the night always fascinate and entertain me.
  3. Velvet: I love velvet. It’s so rich and the texture is just amazing. My favorite dressy pants are chocolate velvet, not black…I love them.
  4. Venison: I don’t hunt, but I have friends who do, and my venison stew is amazing. Really.
  5. Verandah: Porch time is a big thing for me. I’ve always wanted a big waterfront house with a verandah and a porch swing. I’m getting there. Right now, I have a big house with a pool and a deck.
  6. Vespers: Evening prayer. I like the calming, reflective mood of vespers more than the actual praying part, though.
  7. Vices: We all have them. Mine are books, expensive coffee, perfume, and hats.
  8. Violets: My grandmother used to talk to her violets, and even though it was her sister’s name, not hers, I associate them with her. Violets, morning glories, wooden spoons and Oil of Olay…those are her symbols and scents.
  9. Violoncello: Known informally as just ‘cello, this is perhaps the most versatile of the orchestral strings, and I’m not just saying that because it’s my instrument. Listen to a recording of Pablo Casals or Jacqueline Dupree, and then listen to Apocalyptica or VonCello, and you’ll understand.
  10. Virgin Rose: It starts out as a deep violet, and ends as an earthy, beety pink. It’s not a flower, though, it’s a shade of Special Effects hair color, and it’s my new favorite.
  11. Virginia: She was my cousin, and I was born on her 31st birthday. When I turned sixteen, she gave me her sweet-sixteen ring – a peridot flanked by diamonds, mounted in rose gold. I don’t wear it, but I love that I have it.
  12. Vitari: It’s this fruit-based sorbet we sold at the snack bar in college. No dairy, no fat, not a lot of sugar. The wild berry and peach flavors were to die for.
  13. Voodoo: Magic, mystery, melodrama, what’s not to love? Or at least, love reading stories about?

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20 thoughts on “Thursday 13: 0710.11

  1. It is funny how certain things just ‘belong’ to the people in our lives, and the way seeing something, or hearing a particular set of words sets off a whole separate train of thought. I think that’s the best sort of way to behold someone, to remember them. It’s far more genuine than saying “She was great. I loved her,” or something of equal context.

    My grandmother will live on in oilcloth tablecloths and in Wandering Jews in hanging baskets and those shapeless sort of dresses that come in the most unattractive patterns ever created but somehow worked out with clip-on button-shaped earrings…and in that face powder that comes in a round box and has a perfume element. Yikes. I’m babbling. Sorry.

  2. There’s something so romantic about a verandah, isn’t there? And velvet clothes, ahhh, the mere thought is decadently delicious (as long as you can keep the Seinfeld references at bay).

  3. Vampires in Velvet on the Verandah taking in the Violet drenched air on a Voodoo Night in New Orleans… V is apparently a great letter when you stop to think about it. *grin*

    Happy Thursday


  4. Great list I have always wanted to try Venison and my we have a vice in common mines are books & tea Happy TT

  5. The Vagina monologues was showing in a local theater, I remember that now that you mentioned this.
    I love velvet!! I bought a navy blue velvet blazer in college, I loved it , loved getting dressed up wearing it.
    For some reason I think venison stew has to cook for hours…! I have never tried venison.
    Happy thirteening!

  6. Speaking of perfumes, have you got your latest BPAL order yet? I organized mine last night…phew, took awhile. Realized I’m missing some, too! Hmmm…

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  8. Wonderful list. My grandmother used to talk to her violets, too. She had so many that my uncle used to joke that one day he’d call the house and one of the plants would answer and say, “We put her out – there wasn’t enough room!”

    Happy TT!

  9. I love velvet, violets, and vespers too. Great list. I haven’t stopped by in some time, so I’m taking this opportunity to say I LOVE the new look. Very cheerful and easy to read and navigate.

    Happy TT – oh and good luck with redecorating with Fuzzy away!

  10. I love the letter V. One of my favorite expressions is “Don’t make me get voodoo on your ass.” I am a Louisiana girl to the core.

    Check out my 13 middle school educator one-liners.

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