Off the Shelf

A few months ago, when I was looking for the lid to a pot, the shelf supports broke and a rain of blue teflon-lined pans fell upon my head. I saw stars, I cursed at the shelf, and I yelled for Fuzzy to get rid of the actual shelf until such time as we could replace the supports.

All this time later, and the cabinet hardware still hasn’t been replaced, and every time I go into that cabinet, I get pissy, because things are stacked haphazardly. (Of course, I’m also relieved that it was the cabinet where the Target teflon lives and not the cabinet where the ceramic Princess House pots and pans live.)

In fact I hate the cabinet so much that I’ve largely given up on the teflon set, unless I want to make an omelet (because non-stick and eggs are a great combination) or chili, (because the ceramic set doesn’t have a spaghetti pot, and the dutch oven is too big, and who wants their white ceramic stained with tomato, anyway?) and as I’ve been cooking at home more both because it’s cheaper and healthier and because it fits our schedule better, I’ve noticed something else…

The ceramic stuff is easier to clean.

I mean, I have a ceramic roasting pan, and I made a chicken in it last week, and this week I’m making another, and all I did was soak it while I was cleaning the rest of the kitchen, and it was all shiny with almost no effort.

I should have taken the ceramic stuff off the shelf long ago.

4 thoughts on “Off the Shelf

  1. Michele sent me to think about pots & pans with you. I’ve never really used ceramic- I’ve had lots of teflon- used my mother’s stainless steel & cast iron skillets & hated my grandmother’s visions glass cooking pots (those are terrible to clean)Maybe next time I’ll try ceramic.

  2. Wow, yes a ceramic pot would hurt considerably more (and be a lot messier). I have found ceramic to be very easy to clean as well – too bad I don’t think they make ceramic frying pans.

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