Does Anyone Remember…

Does anyone remember the Alchera Project? Laurie Murray hosted it, and the site has now apparently reverted to the registrar, since all it contains is links for more ads and products.

As a reminder, it was a monthly writing project in which Ms. Murray would offer five prompts – a first line, a quote, a picture, a grab bag of words, etc. and participants had a month to contribute their interpretations of at least one of the prompts.

I’ve been thinking I’d like to host something similar, and I have a domain name (currently blank) primed to host it:

If you’re interested, leave a comment here.

Tell your friends, as well.

9 thoughts on “Does Anyone Remember…

  1. I don’t remember it but it soundslike a neat idea! I am sure lots of people would be interested. Unfortunately until my MBA is over I don’t have time for recreational writing! Maybe afterwards though…

  2. I don’t know Alchera, but I might be interested in – work etc permitting.

    Michele sent me to see what Miss Meliss is cooking up :-)


  3. I’m perpetually clueless, so have never even heard of Alchera. However, it sounds like a spiffy idea, and I’d be happy to toddle along if you decided to start hosting something similar.

    It’s been far too long since I’ve flexed my writerly muscles, anyway. I do believe they’ve gotten flabby and soft.

  4. Alchera must have pre-dated my arrival in the blogging world.
    But the premise sounds interesting.
    I’m always open to try a new writing community site, and “cafewriting” sounds particularly enticing.

  5. I’m definitely interested.
    Would it fall on a certain day? That’s the only conflict I might have. My Monday & Wednesday have specific themes.

  6. I remember the Alchera Project very well. Granted that was a few blogs ago for me. Back when I was still on LiveJournal.

    Anyway, that was exactly what led me to your blog. I was doing a search for Alchera Project to see if it was still around.

    I would definitely love to participate.

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