Tiring Tuesday

It’s been an incredibly long day, and I’m exhausted, despite not having really done much. I’m also starving, which I think isn’t so much because I haven’t been eating, but because I haven’t been eating the right foods. Today was a day of tea and toast, not because I’m sick, but because I was tired, and busy, and kept getting distracted.

I finally tumbled into bed around three last night, after making sure our bedroom and office were ready for the impending arrival of the AT&T Uverse installation guy, who wasn’t supposed to come today. Well, he was, but then he wasn’t and…

Okay, here’s what happened. A couple weeks ago, it was a lovely Tuesday and the temps were only in the high seventies, and two Uverse sales guys came to my door. I don’t generally have the patience for such folks, but the stars must have been aligned in a particularly lovely way, because I listened, and even ordered the service. Pre-ordered. I hadn’t committed.

I sat down and did the math, and then called Fuzzy in California, and he grumbled tiredly at me, so I waited for him to come home, explained all the math and then called the Uverse folks back and said, “We want to go forward, but we need to add a fourth box.”

They said they couldn’t find my order.

I called the door-knocking guy back, and he came back and sat with me, and they determined that the order was corrupted, and that we’d have to start over, and they tried to cancel everything in the system, and it had a to-be-canceled flag, but wouldn’t die, and finally we did a new order in Fuzzy’s name.

Then yesterday I got a message they were coming this morning.

And then today at 8:03 a phone call. I told the tech the whole story, and he said, “well, I’m here, let me do the cross connect and I’ll fix the rest.” And he did.

And so, we now have a canceled order for Fuzzy, and working internet and television on the Uverse platform, and I even managed to make TiVo work on the two sets we moved the TiVo boxes to, because the main tv now sports the Uverse DVR that can record four standard def shows at once.

I took a nap with Fuzzy, who has moonlight maintenances all week.
I watched MissCleo chase geckos and frogs around the yard.
I had cocoa, because sometimes you just have to.
I blogged and wrote an article for work.

And I’m tired.
And hungry.

And I think I’ll go make a sandwich or something.

And then go to bed.

And tomorrow, aside from writing a lot, I will begin to learn where all the channels are on this new system.

Mmm. Sleep.

3 thoughts on “Tiring Tuesday

  1. I’m not familiar with Uverse, and I’m not sure I want to give my husband any more ideas about TV accessories to go with the new 47 inch high def TV he just bought himself. He’s already having way too much fun.

    BTW, thanks for your nice comment on my post today. To answer your question, Write on Wednesday is just my personal column for Wednesdays dedicated to “the writer’s life.”

    Have fun with your new toy :)

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