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I write for a living, but somehow I separate that writing, which is mainly car reviews and articles on demand, from writing I do here in my blog, or any kind of fiction. I’m technically a working writer, but I think of myself as a marketing professional, because otherwise, otherwise I’d feel like a hack, or that I’ve sold my soul.

Strangely, doing paid posts in my blog does not make me feel like that. Possibly it’s because I choose the topics, and the money is “found” money – extra cash to pay for stuff like my perfume habit or pedicures, or the vast collection of blank note cards with pretty pictures that I’ve acquired. (I have a “thing” for note cards.)

Truly, however, when I think I’ve writing, I think of Jo March in her garret, with her special black hair bow, ink stained fingers, and baskets of apples, and even though I don’t have a garret, and my 2nd-floor home office overlooks the treetops and the pool, I try to channel that mood, that sense of place and purpose, when I’m working on writing I actually care about.

My dream, from the time I was eight years old and wrote a bit of bad poetry (well, it was good for an eight-year-old, I suppose) about it, has been to publish fiction. I now have a vast body of work circulating on the ‘net, but it’s all the work stuff I mentioned before, and much of it isn’t attributed directly to me. I’ve published some essays and creative non-fiction in literary magazines and e-zines, and I’ve succumbed to the pull of fanfic and posted some of that both to my fiction blog at, and at

I’m working on a series of cafe fiction, as well. That’s my baby right now, but while snippets of it ARE available on the ‘net at, I haven’t really made a point of asking for feedback on it. The few trusted friends who’ve read it say it’s good, but I can’t get myself to believe in myself enough to DO anything with it, and while I know you don’t have to have a finished work to query agents, just sample chapters, I’m terrified of doing so.

Pink hair has made me braver on stage, but I can’t find the courage to do anything with the one thing I love more than any other: writing.

I wish I could.

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13 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings: Writing

  1. From the way you write, I would have guessed you to be fearless ;)

    Jo March was one of my first literary hero(ines). I secretly wanted to be Jo, but in reality was always Beth. At least I’ve lived to tell the tale!

  2. Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears. – Les Brown

    I read your posts at universal blend, and you are a great writer. You should challenge your self doubt and fight it…whether you think you can or you think you cannot, you are absolutely right.

  3. I can relate to all that you’ve said here.. I was writing for a living – mostly press releases and web pages and the occasional article. It was easy for me coming from a marketing background and even though through uni my teachers insisted that I had the skill and the imagination to become an author I took the ‘low road’ (by this I mean the path of least resistance).
    Recently I took down my website (it was an advertising vehicle for my marketing writing services) and started refusing work. Since then I’ve been blogging instead – giving my creative writing the space to grow. I’m grateful that I don’t need to work – I only need to write and create.
    but enough about me – see how your writing has inspired another to the same?!


  4. Your writing tells me that you are brave and fearless, and reading your “about” page confirms this perception…

    If I take you up on your challenge will you really do it?

  5. I hope you find the courage, guts and determination to overcome the barriers that only your own mind set up. The hardest part isn’t even ‘real’. Go for it!

  6. Pink hair on stage? For real? Can we see? What are you doing on stage?

    I’m wondering what cafe fiction is and about “paid posts” on your blog.

    I don’t write for a living but I live for writing and sometimes I get paid.

  7. Maybe you just need a little push to go into the direction that you wanted. The beginning is harder but when you’re finally doing something you love, it’s worth it.

    I hope you get to do what you want and enjoy the journey.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  8. I have thought ofpublishing my poetry but no one wants to read poetry. Most publisher ask me to write chicklit.

    I don’t know if I will.

    For now, I just write becos I like too.

  9. I am the mother of this most gifted wirter, Miss Meliss.
    And all of you have echoed what I have been saying for years.
    Melissa has a commercial and contemporary voice and her books will sell.
    Her Unviersal Blend is engaging,and can be a book of coffee scenes…not fiull stories.
    As i have said: if you can do improv ( and now with pink hair0 you can write.
    You have won contests, been published, now do the book.

  10. keep up working on what you love, forget the feedback… You Know what it sounds like to you.
    if your blog is an example…. your writing is damn good! thanks for visiting me today :))

  11. I guess the more we love something the more there is to loose should we try and fail. The stakes are higher but then the rewards would be too. Your writing has a really fresh feel to it, really fun and funky to read. I say go for it!

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