I’ve been distracted all day today, as jumpy as my dogs, reacting to Fuzzy coming home. I hate that I’m this clingy little wife when he’s gone. I’m really not dependent on him for happiness, I promise.

As I’d finished all my work-related tasks by noon, clearing my day for the plumber I mentioned earlier, even writing an article in half an hour which seriously impressed the bosses, I had to find some way to fill my time.

Now you might think the logical thing would be to write since I’m all psyched about having figured out the book, and stuff, but no. For one thing, my right wrist was really bothering me, and for another, I was too antsy to sit still.

I spent some time washing dishes, even scouring the bottoms of the pots I’d washed. My cookware is not spiffy metal stuff like berndes cookware, but white ceramic stuff with detachable handles, from Princess House. I like it, but Fuzzy never believes me when I tell him that because of the way ceramic transfers heat he should never turn the burner past 3 or 4, so the bottoms are kind of burnt. A little Bon Ami and some elbow grease fixed the pots, but did not help my wrist.

I sat on the deck and read for a while, but then it got cloudy, and after the clouds dissipated it was hot, so I came back inside, and surfed the net, for a bit.

After the plumber had come and gone, I started to clean the tub to the point where I could take a bath, but then my aunt phoned and we chatted – oh, someone remind me to tell EvilAri@LJ about an interesting reaction to the earrings she made that I gave to said Aunt.

And then I was hungry. And the dogs were hungry. And there was Minestrone and Grilled Cheese. And it was Good. (The dogs each got a bit of cheese, and their usual dog food).

I tried reading, but couldn’t focus. Called my mother. Watched a rerun of Strong Medicine (I confess to lusting after Nestor Carbonell). Folded laundry.

Shiny things – dogs, phones, remote controls, keyboards, kept distracting me, and now? Now it’s 2:36 in the morning, and the dogs are curled up against my hips and Fuzzy is almost home.

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  1. My husband used to travel a lot, and I was often restless when I knew he was on his way home. Just wanted him to get there, you know?

    Hope he made it safe and sound :)

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