Cold Sheets, Warm Heart?

The problem with having small, terrier-esque dogs who share the bed with you is that they like to dig, and they’re just as happy digging in the bedclothes as in a pile of sand outside. Zorro, especially, is amazingly proud of his virtual holes, standing over them proudly, and looking at me with that “look what I did” expression that only chihuahuas can really master. I’m tickled for him, really, but I’m less than thrilled at what his tiny little claws have done to my soft cotton sheets. Last night, Fuzzy pointed out that they’d manage to tear the comforter, so of course I went surfing, looking for inspiration in new bedding.

Pale, contemporary, clean bedding, is a style I really appreciate. The rest of my house is funky and warm, all in reds and golds, leafy greens and coffee browns, but I prefer cool, serene colors in my bedroom, just as I prefer thick comforters and cold air while I sleep. I think cool colors make the sheets feel cooler against my skin, and I’ve written many times about how much I love that feeling.

Of course, I still have to show Fuzzy the pictures, and give him the illusion that he has a choice of what comforter or bedspread we actually buy.

As to Zorro, I’m not worried. He’ll like anything his humans pick.