Museum Day!

Museum Day

Wintersweet at LJ (who I’m not linking because I never remember who is friends-only and who isn’t, mentioned this the other day, which reminded me that I hadn’t mentioned it.

Museum day is a national event that Smithsonian Magazine sponsors. This year, it’s co-sponsored by Hyundai. If you click the image above, or go here, you can fill out and print a card that gives you and a guest free admission to any of a number of museums around the country, this Saturday, September 29th.

(Apologies to my Canadian readers, this only applies to museums in the U.S.A. – though if you live near the border, and feel like driving…)

Fuzzy and I have plans to go to the Frontiers of Flight museum at Love Field. Where will you go?

3 thoughts on “Museum Day!

  1. We have a similar initiative on the third Thursday in May, but I think it is only in Barcelona, I am not sure.
    It’s wonderful!!
    (if something is on the way pls let me know…)

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