Look at that Photograph…

When I was a very little girl, and would visit my grandfather, one of my favorite things to look at was his photo cube. It was a clear acrylic cube with a photograph of me on each side, mostly from when I was a baby, or just into my toddling years. I thought that was the coolest thing ever, at the time.

Years later, learning about the existence of digital photo frame technology has me wondering if my grandfather might not have been one of the first people on the block to acquire such a thing. He was, after all, technologically savvy, a tinkerer and a putterer with a background in electronics and a love for nifty gadgets.

Of course, being my grandfather, he’d never have settled for just one digital picture frame. He’d have had a piano full of them, each one a different color, each one featuring shots of a different grandchild, uploaded from his flash drive, accompanied by a favorite tune.

He died before shopping online became popular, so chances are he’d have found a local distributor, but he’d have used DigitalFramez.com.au if he’d lived just a bit longer, and, like me, he would have liked that their frames come in many different colors, and a range of sizes, that they’ll ship worldwide, and that, in addition to the usual MasterCard and Visa, they also take PayPal. (Personally, I wish more online merchants used PayPal – it’s much more efficient.)

Right now, as well as the product itself, DigitalFramez is shipping a 256 MB SD card with every 10-inch frame.

I think that’s kind of cool.
And I think my grandfather would have appreciated it.