Friday’s Feast – 0709.07

Using only one word, how does grocery shopping make you feel?

What is your favorite part about the season of Autumn?
I’m not sure if it’s the cooler evenings, so that when the sun goes down I can hang out wearing flannel pajamas, but still wear short sleeves in the day time, and so that I can open the windows wide, and not use the a/c at night, or if it’s the smell – that smell of leaves and rain and wood smoke, mixed with a dash of pumpkin. I think, actually, it’s kind of both.

Have you ever had any bad experiences online?
I’ve been singularly lucky in that I’ve had a few minor annoyances, but nothing I’d classify as major, or even really bad.

Main Course
Name three things that make you happy daily.
– Fuzzy. Even when our only real contact in a day is kissing each other goodbye as he heads to the office (I work from home), there’s a twinkle in his blue eyes and a warmth in his tone that makes me feel loved and safe.
– The dogs. Zorro and Cleo nag me until I take them for walkies, thus forcing me to have daily exercise, and remind me that it’s a good thing to just sit on the deck and bask in the sun for a few minutes every so often. At night (like now) when I’m blogging from bed, they curl up next to me, and every so often, I run my fingers through their fur, and look into their sweet faces.
– My own imagination. I like people, really, but I’m also completely comfortable and at home alone inside my head. I feel sad for people who cannot cope without external stimulus.

What one household cleansing or organizing item would you not want to be without?
Windex. Seriously, it does everything: counters, sinks, the top of my glass stove, the inside of the microwave, mirrors, and, oh yeah, it kills ants, too.

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26 thoughts on “Friday’s Feast – 0709.07

  1. I really enjoyed your feast – especially our main course. Your Fuzzy sounds like my Sparky :D (except we’re not married yet).
    My family also consists of 2 canines, my beautiful little sisters who I love to take on walkies also :P
    Great that you mentioned imagination in there. I too use it to get through times alone (my mind is always thinking) and noisy bus rides home!
    Great feast! Thanks for sharing in mine as well. Hope you have a great weekend :D

  2. Mmmm, your Soup made me think of Pumpkin Pie (one of the best things about fall).

    I love your Appetizer and, well, your entire Feast! Great answers for all questions! You are so blessed to have a man like that in your life… and dogs to! :o) I’m going to have to try the Windex “cleaning system” I guess, haha.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Mmm, that fragrance of Autumn. The fresh earthy scent after rain. I love it, too.

    I also love solitude and enjoy my alone times. I love your feast!

  4. Well now….I’m gonna have to go out to google and type in ‘define’ your appetizer. *giggles*

    And the part about killing ants with Windex!!! I love windex, in fact that’s part of MY dessert. And boy, do we have this huge ant hill in our back yard. Will try it. *running out to the cupboard to see if I have enough windex for the ants!!*

  5. I nearly put Windex as my dessert too, but then figured I got the idea from FLYlady so put her down instead.
    I’m almost at the point where, if I can’t use a squirt of windex to clean it (except clothes, kids & dishes), it pretty much doesn’t get cleaned LOL

  6. I feel like starting a campaign called “For the love of Windex” ;-) I’m wondering if it cures ailments as well, he he! Have a great weekend.

  7. Flannel pyjamas? Wish I had a set that fit. Hmmmm, I think I might have to treat myself. But it’s still far too warm here at the moment.

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