Food for Thought?

Hey folks.

My friend Cynthia has come up with this nifty idea called A Week in Food, in which people agree to:

– chronicle a week of their eating in photos and text
– share the chronicle at the blog she set up
– calculate how much they spent on food during that week
– donate the equivalent amount of money to the charity of their choice.

I think this is a nifty idea, and I plan to participate, but I’m also encouraging all of you to do so as well. Visit her blog to join the fun.

2 thoughts on “Food for Thought?

  1. Sounds like an interesting idea–and maybe such awareness will help us to eat more reasonably and maybe even more healthy–now just to find the time! Michele says hello.

  2. Oh, where’d the comment go? lol
    Trying again.

    That is a fab idea. I’d do it just for the fun of it and the charity if we hadn’t just spent $$$ on a charity fund-raiser.

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