Stereotype, Much?

Fuzzy’s working late again tonight, and I know his brain is fried, because he typo’d in IM in such a fashion that it made me worry for his job. (It was just a typo. His job is fine.)

Whenever he goes to work in inclement weather, or stays so late at night, I remember my mother teasing me about the day he wanted to drive in despite there being a freeway closure because a building exploded. “Make sure you’ve got affordable life insurance,” she said. “And make sure the policy is updated.”

On the surface, it’s funny, but the reality is that the one thing I don’t have to worry about is what might happen AFTER, if, God forbid, something…happens. We’re covered well enough that the house would be paid off, and then some.

But, I do worry that Fuzzy works too hard, that he isn’t sleeping well.
And I confess that as soon as I know he’s on the road, I barely breathe til I know he’s home.

Yes, sometimes I’m that much of a stereotypical wife.

5 thoughts on “Stereotype, Much?

  1. I worry too when hubby or kids are on the road, or out. So that makes at least two of us. :o) I can rest when all my chicks are in the nest.

  2. This looks remarkably like a sponsored post, payperpost perhaps? I could have sworn part of the Terms and Conditions in payperpost is that you declare openly which are sponsored posts and which are not.

  3. Steph didn’t provide a legitimate email address, but I’m responding anyway, because it pisses me off when people decided to police other people’s blogs, rather than worrying about their own writing.

    It especially pisses me off when they don’t get their facts right.

    For the record, while there is a text link ad in this post, the post itself is not a sponsored review. Those are clearly marked, tagged as “sponsored.”

    In addition, there is NO PAID BLOGGING SErVICE that requires every post be labeled. Some require certain posts include a badge, which is generally provided. All suggest, and some require, a site-wide disclosure, which I have, which I’ve had for months, in fact.

    For future reference, any comment I receive that doesn’t have legitimate contact info will be left in the spam queue.

    I own my words. So should you.

    Just saying.

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