Coffee Break

Sitting in the summer sun, with a bottle of cold water in my hand, I watched my dogs basking in the sun. Zorro likes to be on his side, and will toast one half of his tiny body, then roll over and toast the other half. Miss Cleo likes to flatten herself into a black and white puddle of fur, but she’s easily distracted by butterflies, birds, bees, a leaf blowing across the deck…

Turning my head, I watched a writing spider spinning a new web. They can shake the web when they feel threatened so I watched as a bird flew close and the web began to reverberate like a plucked string. I try to keep Miss Cleo away from that corner of the yard.

The wind was a warm, friendly presence as I had my sojourn in the sun.

The air conditioned house felt too cold, by comparison, so I made a pot of coffee, and returned to work.

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