Lamplight Day

It is a grey, damp, autumn day, of the sort which require the warm glow of lamplight to soften the edges of life.

It is the kind of day best suited for tea, soup, and grilled cheese, for lit candles and the quiet murmur of NPR, for hiding in a garrett and scribbling.

And so that is the plan.

Except, I don’t have a garrett, but a 2nd-floor bedroom-turned-officestudio.
But it’s in the treetops, so it counts, right?

4 thoughts on “Lamplight Day

  1. I say it counts. And oh, how I long to join you. :) I’ve still not finish setting up my ‘studio’ area of the bedroom, so it is currently just a pile of random art supplies in the corner, awaiting better lighting and more shelves.

    But I have tea! *sips companionably*

  2. Oh, I reallyreallyreally miss grilled cheese. Sadly, it’s one of the few things that defeated me learning how to make (I can whip up Paella without a twitch, but can’t make a grilled cheese sandwich, go figure).

    Grilled cheese and tomato soup…. sigh.

  3. Magic places are wherever you can find ’em. Our master bathroom is attached to a gable at the front of our house. It’s the most wonderful reading nook, a place to go when you don’t want anyone disturbing you.


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