Breathe. Sigh. Roll over.
Realize that the dogs are both sitting on that portion of the pillow.
Glance at clock: 6:53
Ask softly, “Do you need to go out?”
Grunt as the bed bounces beneath puppy feet, and the weight of Fuzzy leaving bed. “I’ll take them.”
Empty bed; full bladder.
Venture forth; return more relaxed.
A cold nose in the palm.
A quick swipe of wet tongue, and then a doggy sigh.
Four feet landing in the lap.
A head-butt.
A warmer nose, and some wriggling.
Three turns and back to sleep, chin propped on my knee.
Some stretching, a chaste kiss from the husband.
Full bed, full heart.
Racing mind.

2 thoughts on “Interlude

  1. Was your mind racing due to your bladder or the return of Fuzzy, Melissa? Inquiring minds want to know! LOL

    I’ve not turned the heat on in my house yet so I’ve been very reluctant to get out of bed this week. Sounds like things are the same in your household–at least the human part. Dogs don’t seem to mind so much.

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