My last audio post, for those who haven’t listened, was about Jane Eyre. I logged into my desktop computer and started Trillian a few minutes ago, and was instantly greeted by Rana, who IM’d me with the kind of textual tone only former history professors can have when dealing with former English majors:

R: Jane. Fricking. Eyre? Miss Meliss, Miss Meliss, Miss Meliss.
R: Fell in love?
R: She fell in love with a guy who kept his first wife in the ATTIC!
R: And then he got his sight BACK!
R: I threw that book across the room.
R: Now Wuthering Heights
R: That was a book!

Me: I was ELEVEN.
Me: When you’re ELEVEN, Jane Eyre is romantic. But then, you’re talking to someone who write romantic Snape FanFic.

R: Yeah, I try not to think about that.
R: And I was about eleven too and I thought it was tripe.
R: And having been to menudo cook offs I know about tripe.

I’m thinkin’ I probably shouldn’t tell her I actually liked Canterbury Tales, too.

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