It’s been disgustingly hot here, to the point where my pool is visibly lower every day, and I know it’s from the weather, because we’ve checked it for leaks. Does filling it so the filter works count as allowable watering if I use the hand-held attachment, I wonder?

I missed work on Friday because I was so nauseous I couldn’t move. This is happening about every fourth month, around a certain time, and is so not fun. Actually, that’s an understatement. I spent most of the day sleeping, and trying, ironically, to keep warm – I was freezing, and I even had the A/C set to about 85 at one point. Even the body heat from the dogs wasn’t helping. I slept most of yesterday as well, and felt well enough to work the door at CSz last night, though we came directly home after, watched tivo’d Stargate, and went back to bed.

I’m reading this sort of sulty, slow, novel about a romance between a British officer and an Italian peasant woman during WWII, and about their daughter many years later. They keep talking about the heat and the scent of figs, and the geraniums everywhere. I miss geraniums.

Last night on the way home, the sky was brightened by flashes of heat lightning, the kind that comes without rain, and looks like backlit color-blocks on the night sky. I closed my eyes, and wished for rain.

Two Things

1) Fuzzy got the promotion. It is, alas, not enough money to allow me to quit working at BigFinancialCompany and concentrate on writing, but it is enough that I will never have to worry about froufrou salon days being in the budget again.

2) Right now, we are NOT being required to relocate to Florida. This will, however, be re-evaluated in 2007.