Two Things

1) Fuzzy got the promotion. It is, alas, not enough money to allow me to quit working at BigFinancialCompany and concentrate on writing, but it is enough that I will never have to worry about froufrou salon days being in the budget again.

2) Right now, we are NOT being required to relocate to Florida. This will, however, be re-evaluated in 2007.

4 thoughts on “Two Things

  1. Congratulations on Fuzzy’s promotion. Steps in the right direction are always welcome, especially when they come with a built-in menu upgrade.

    We know, all too well, what that’s like. I’m thrilled for you.

  2. Congrats to your Fuzzy! I just got a raise also, 5.5%, but everyone got it so I wasn’t being singled out or anything. Still, it’s spendable!

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