A note about Blogathon pledges…

Cut and pasted from the blogathon website.

“… from this point forward, all sponsor emails should be functioning properly. Sponsors should receive a total of Four emails from Blogathon:

1) A verification email that contains a link to http://www.blogathon.org/verify.php
2) A thank you email, which contains a bit of information about how we will be sending two more emails eventually.
3) When the Blogathon ends, an email will be sent letting sponsors know and asking them to send the pledge to the blogger’s charity.
4) A month after the Blogathon ends, a final email will be sent, thanking sponsors, and reminding them again in case they haven’t had the opportunity to go ahead and send the pledge to the charity.

If you sponsored someone before today and the pledge is not listed in your “Currently Sponsoring” section, please repledge.

If you sponsored someone before today and the pledge is listed in the “Currently Sponsoring” section of your profile but it is unconfirmed and you did not receive an email please create a new thread that includes the amount pledged and the URL of the blog you pledged it to. If you want to remain anonymous you can send us the information via the Contact link on the main blogathon site.”

The link to sponsor ME and First Book is here.

Tasting Dallas

I love street fairs, so when it was pointed out that most of the West End of Dallas would be closed to all non-foot traffic this weekend, I wasn’t upset about the lack of discount parking as much as I was excited to experience a Texas tradition. Translation: We spend a few hours exploring the Taste of Dallas festival before making it to the CSz arena last night.

Things I learned:
– Going to a food festival when you are three days past dental work, and forbidden to chew borders on masochism. Most things smelled really good, at least, but all I could actually eat were Cassoulet (mine is better) and ice cream (Ben and Jerry’s. Fuzzy brought me this during the late show last night, and had to ask strangers to confirm that he’d really been served Cherries Garcia because he thought it would be pink. He’s so sweet. And no, I didn’t have to chew the chocolate shards. What Fuzzy didn’t steal melted very nicely.)

– People at food festivals are not always firing on all thrusters. Witness the Japanese restaurant offering sushi in 97-degree weather. Can we all say “food poisoning”?

– You can have four radio stations and three music stages in a four block area and still have a conversation. Really. No, really. Okay there was gesticulation and much screaming, but still.

– Adorable kids handing out fans should never be turned down.

– Never say no to free iced tea.

– Jeans and layered t-shirts are not the best choice of attire for such an event. Five minutes outside, and I was dripping.

Still we had fun. The early show was great, house was packed, and one of my fellow newbies totally rocked in his stage debut. The late show started at a nice blue level and quickly descended into shades of midnight and indigo, but was still funny, although honestly, half the humour was from watching everyone react to the suggestions they were given.

Today, I was invited to a coworker’s birthday party, and I want to go, but I feel like I should stay home and rest, because my mouth still hurts (and worse – ITCHES – and I’m kinda crabby.) Also, I have to finish a story for someone. I shall text her and let her know – she’ll totally understand.