A note about Blogathon pledges…

Cut and pasted from the blogathon website.

“… from this point forward, all sponsor emails should be functioning properly. Sponsors should receive a total of Four emails from Blogathon:

1) A verification email that contains a link to http://www.blogathon.org/verify.php
2) A thank you email, which contains a bit of information about how we will be sending two more emails eventually.
3) When the Blogathon ends, an email will be sent letting sponsors know and asking them to send the pledge to the blogger’s charity.
4) A month after the Blogathon ends, a final email will be sent, thanking sponsors, and reminding them again in case they haven’t had the opportunity to go ahead and send the pledge to the charity.

If you sponsored someone before today and the pledge is not listed in your “Currently Sponsoring” section, please repledge.

If you sponsored someone before today and the pledge is listed in the “Currently Sponsoring” section of your profile but it is unconfirmed and you did not receive an email please create a new thread that includes the amount pledged and the URL of the blog you pledged it to. If you want to remain anonymous you can send us the information via the Contact link on the main blogathon site.”

The link to sponsor ME and First Book is here.