Charlotte’s Flashier Sister?


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Charlotte’s Web is a favorite novel of many people in my age group, because we all grew up with the book and the movie, but my back yard hosts spiders way prettier than the divine Miss C. After all, isn’t she a common grey or brown orb weaver?

This stunning young woman is last year’s representative of the argiope family, and she’s also known as a writing spider.

Legend says that if a writing spider spins your name into their web you’ll die, but so far, I’d not worry – she only ever seems to spell ZZZZZZZZZ.

Argiopes only live about a year, so this one’s likely moved on to a different plane of existence, but her daughter or sister or…whatever…took up residence here just a few days ago.

Spooky, non?

One thought on “Charlotte’s Flashier Sister?

  1. I didn’t know about those spiders.

    We have a lot of wolf spiders in our house. I like them but when they get too big I make Glenn put them outside. lol.

    I remember in the movie I thought Charlotte had been drawn way prettier than I pictured her from the book.

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