Toy Surprises

So, we got home from work around nine last night, after a jam-packed day of phoning, faxing, and printing for me, and rebuilding a network for Fuzzy. Now that the dogs are staying outside during the day, we really need to be better about getting home at decent hours, because Zorro doesn't handle chilly weather well, and Cleo tends to bark her head off given anything remotely encouraging. Like, you know, wind, squirrels, light, dark, whatever.

When we got to the front door, there was a box sitting beside the lock box. “Did you order something?” I was asked. But I hadn't. Still, it wasn't ticking, so we brought it inside.

It was addressed to me, and accompanied by a card, “Happy Birthday, from Guess Who ;)”

And inside: A box of Godiva chocolates…all dark…my favorite.


It took me a minute to process this, and then I realized who my birthday elf must have been, because we'd had a brief ICQ chat that involved questions like, “What's your address, again?” and “What's your favorite kind of chocolate.” Hey, when I've worked 12 hour days on little sleep, I'm entitled to less-than-bright moments.

Chocolate, anyone?