After Midnight – Boring Work Stuff.

The clock on my Computer says that it's 12:50 AM on 08/14, but I have no idea if that's correct, or not, because this computer is a bit funky about time. The cable box says it's only 12:46. Depending on which is correct I've either been home from work for a full hour, or just under one.

Yes. We're that busy.
No, I'm not technically required to stay that late, but I didn't stop working on files early enough, and then I was also engaged in some online interaction for part of that time.

Maggie, one of our frequently-used escrow officers, sent us a gift basket of the most wonderful non-chocolate cookies ever. Oatmeal raisin, cinnamon swirl, and lemon. It really helped us all to be less crabby, and slightly less stressed by the sheer amount of volume we're dealing with.

I process loans for 4 loan officers, plus my own originations. In the last six months we have originated $65,000,000 worth of loans, and closed about $45,000,000. July and August account for almost half of that number. It's been that busy. And yet, because rates keep dropping, instead of getting things under control, it's getting worse.

I have a minion, who does status calls for me, and does copying. (The amount of wasted paper in the mortgage industry is phenomenal. California legalized digital signatures on legal documents more than two years ago, and we're still requiring wet signatures on loan applications.) Without him, I would be less than half as productive, because I'd have to stop and copy each file. He used to be a bouncer at a nightclub. I maintain that this is an excellent background for a receptionist to have.

When I was working with my mother, in a company I partly owned, I resented being there. With this group of guys, all of whom are roughly my age, I mostly love my job. They don't care if I come in at noon, and leave at eight, or come in at six and leave at two, or declare that I'm leaving three hours early, as long as work gets done. When my office door is closed, they actually respect it, and will only knock if the situation is dire. And when I'm grumpy or stressed they bring me chocolate and designer coffee. Am I being bribed? Hell yes. But I'm worth it.

Rates are the lowest they've been in thirty years, and the new clients, at this point, seem to come in hoardes and droves. Tonight I deleted 84 messages from my voicemail, all from the last 10 days.

Tomorrow, I will stop for breakfast on the way to work, and I will change my voicemail to tell people I'm in submission hell and will return phone calls every two hours. Thursday, I'm leaving at two, and Friday I'm not working at all. It was supposed to be long weekend for my birthday; instead I'll be doing more work on the condo. It's being listed on Thursday, and there's an open house on Sunday.

Right now, I'm going to bed.