Three Good Things

Since I'm not going to work tomorrow, the guys decided a birthday lunch was in order for me today. Our company president bought lunch for the whole company for the occasion. Just Bento Boxes, but what an interesting mix of veggies in the tempura: It included asparagus and ube (a veryvery purple yam). Yum.

/And/ they gave me presents. They know my addictions too well, I think, for I received a B&N gift card and a Starbucks card.

Finally, the condo is actually on MLS. There's no picture yet, but it at least has a listing (some info is wrong, but hey.) this link takes you to the listing.

* * *
*sigh* I have painting to do. Still. Fuzzy complained that the paint I chose for the entry and bathroom is 'pale, almost white', but I explained that all I wanted was the merest hint of peachy-pink to warm the rooms a little. /I/ get to paint the tint on the big wall, which we primed by moonlight.

Also, the gardeners have done the bulk of the stuff in our back yard – we've never seen it vine free, and now it is, and mulched, and manured, and sprinkler heads are in, and Cleo's rolled in it, but Zorro's afraid of it. Tomorrow: SOD.