Adventures in Real Estate: Staging to Sell

So we met with our Realtor this morning, and her checklist of Things That Must Be Done we not as bad as we thought. She said, for example, not to worry about the parquet in the kitchen, and that the water damage on the counter around the kitchen sink would be called in the Termite Report. They'll give a quote for the work, and we won't have to pay them till Close of Escrow (COE). The same goes for her gardener who is going to lay new sod,

The rest of the wood floors need to be resurfaced, but a friend referred me to another friend who is supposedly 50% less expensive than anyone else in the area. I'll be leaving him a message today or tomorrow.

The rest of the list is little niggly things:
1) Move half the furniture out of the living room, and the bookshelves from the bedroom. Get rid of the boxes in the loft storage area above our bedroom closet.
2) Paint the upstairs bathroom in a pale-but-warm color. There's peach tile in there, so we'll be doing some barely-beyond-white-but-with-hints-of-peach paint. Also, must replace shower curtain. Again, something pale. (The idea is that bright, light colors make the space look bigger, and warm colors enhance the wood fixtures.)
3) Paint our single purple wall so that it's not purple any more.
4) Replace the sinks in both bathrooms, and possibly the toilets if judicious application of pumice stone and elbow grease doesn't yield satisfactory results.
5) Clean the hot tub.
6) Clean the deck.
7) Have the carpets chemically cleaned, and hire Merrie Maids to clean the entire house top-to-bottom.

So far, we've accomplished getting paint chips to determine just which color we'll need, we've sold the piano (yay) and are moving it next weekend, and one of the two sinks has been replaced. Next weekend, we'll be spackling and painting, and the goal is to be on the market in two weeks, with an open house the weekend of my birthday.

Meanwhile, tomorrow we're LOOKING at open houses, and deciding if we want to go forward with the Pershing Ave. property, or make a new offer on a house in Burbank that has 4 bedrooms and a pool for less money.

Eep. Time to shower so Fuzzy can caulk it.