All Teary-eyed

So, my mother left for her home in Baja Sur, Mexico last week, and today, at my office, I received a birthday card, postmarked from SanDiego, which means she sent it just before they crossed the border. (Note: My birthday isn't actually until next Saturday, the 17th.) It made me all misty, and I'm therefore compelled to share:

Sweet Xenobia,
Happy 32nd Birthday, darling girl!

After all of thee years, and so many hair colors (on your part), I still hold you as the most precious part of my life. You are a funny, brilliant, beautiful woman, and I am proud of the woman that you are.

I did buy a small present for you, but it is buried in the car. Here is what you will always have: my unconditional love, my pride in you, and my ear.

So, I am leaving again, but I'll be back for the housewarming.

I love watching you bully the boys at the office – you are a very powerful person, too.

Take care of , Zorro, Cleo – and especially yourself.

So, if you see orange gladiolas, think of Grampa and me. He welcomed you home from the hospital with buckets of orange glads.

Happy Birthday!
I love you!

Thanks mom.